World Risk Poll 2024 Report: Resilience in a Changing World

“In the context of our changing world, the resilience of individuals, communities and countries has never been more important. Resilience helps people to live safely and to feel safe, and it is Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s mission to engineer a safer world.

In this report – Resilience in a Changing World – we present the second iteration of this Resilience Index, which, for the first time, shows how resilience is changing in the face of today’s challenges.

We want this report and the associated data to increase shared understanding and lead to meaningful improvements in the way resilience is nurtured and strengthened around the world – ultimately keeping people safe from harm.”

  1. Introduction
  2. The state of global resilience

Individual resilience
Household resilience
Community resilience
Societal resilience

  1. Early warnings
  2. What makes people more resilient?

Household income
Age and gender
Resilience and geopolitical risk
Resilience and the macroeconomy

  1. Natural hazards and resilience

Experience of natural hazards
Relationship between experience of disasters and future preparedness
Disaster and resilience: A complex relationship

  1. Conclusion



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45 p.
Source:  Lloyd’s-register-foundation