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NIEM, formerly known as the “National Information Exchange Model,” is a framework for exchanging information between public and private sector organizations. The framework includes a reference data model for objects, properties, and relationships; and a set of technical specifications for using and extending the data model in information exchanges.

NIEM promotes scalability and reusability of messages between information systems which allows organizations to share data and information more efficiently. It was launched in 2005 in response to the U.S. Homeland Security Presidential Directives to improve information sharing between agencies following 9/11. Since then, NIEM has been updated and maintained in a collaboration between the U.S. federal government, state and local government agencies, private sector, and non-profit and international organizations with new versions released roughly annually. NIEM 5.2, the latest version released in December 2022, defines a set of common objects, “NIEM Core,” and 17 sets of objects that are specific to certain government or industry verticals, “NIEM Domains.”

In September 2022, the NIEM ESC announced that NIEM would transition to an OASIS Open Project. As an OASIS Open Project:

  • Governance of NIEM is expanded to include opportunities for public sector, private sector, non-profit and international organizations,
  • NIEM specifications can be considered for approval as standards by an open, well-established, global standards organization, and
  • NIEM will have access to the resources, expertise, and community support of OASIS, which will help to accelerate the development and adoption of NIEM and its standards.

Overall, the transition to an OASIS Open Project will help to ensure the continued evolution and growth of NIEM as a critical tool for information exchange, both within the United States and internationally.

NIEM core

The NIEM core consists of data elements that are commonly understood and defined across domains, such as person, activity, document, location, and item. It’s governed jointly by all NIEM domains.

NIEM domains

NIEM domains contain mission-specific data components that build upon NIEM core concepts and add additional content specific to the community supporting that mission. A NIEM domain represents both the governance and model content oriented around a community’s business needs. A NIEM domain manages their portion of the NIEM data model and works with other NIEM domains to collaboratively to identify areas of overlapping interest. Learn more about how a NIEM domain is governed on the Domain Governance page.

Emergency Management  @ NIEM.org

This word cloud shows the most commonly used Emergency Management domain elements in the NIEM data model:

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