Medical First Responders Mixed Reality - Advanced Virtual Simulation and Training

MED1stMR develops innovative mixed reality training technology to combine real-world medical simulators with virtual environments to train medical first responders for their challenges.
Increasing probabilities for natural disasters due to climate change, human-made accidents and terrorist threats require the development of innovative technological solutions adapted and implemented to the (cross-sectoral) needs of first responders. For this purpose, the project will develop a new technological solution to better prepare MFRs for a variety of disaster situations.

Project coordinated by

Webinar 1: Project & Research Approach  (2023-04-25)
59 Min.

Webinar 2: Technology Approach  (2023-05-03)
50 Min.

Webinar 3:   End User Point of View – Expectations and Needs (2023-05-31)
50 Min.

Last Webinar:                    February 2024

Final Conference:            April 17/18, 2024,  Ranst (Belgium)  (Google Maps)

MED1stMR  Project Work Packages

Key challenges of complex Information Management are presented in Webinar 2.

Selected keywords

Medical First Responders (MFR),
Mass Casualty Incidents,
Virtual and Mixed Reality,
Real-life training,
Scenario Design and Implementation,
Orchestration of Exercises,
Cross-Border Standards,
Live monitoring,
Time-series analysis,
Decision support

Further reading:

Preparing medical first responders for crises: a systematic literature review of disaster training programs and their effectiveness
Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine


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