WSIS2021 Special Session on DRR and SDGs Information Deficits

This session is subsequent to our session in WSIS2020[1] where we talked about coherence and mutual synergies from holistic information management for the global programs and conventions of United Nations[2].

Comprehensive cross-organizational information management before, during and after crisis and disaster situations as well as in aspects of sustainable development is of core interest to Information Society.

In all domains touching the aforementioned fields of actions, developments and improvements are reported but there are also large deficits in information management resulting in substantial drawbacks in goal-reaching.

In this session we want to indicate on selected action fields information management deficits and their potential avoidance to indicate on the importance of comprehensive information management and its effects in goal-reaching for UN Disaster Risk Reduction DRR and Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.


[2] Paper on Information Coherence and Synergies:

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Report on WSIS2021 special Session 105 on DRR and SDGs Information Deficits (.pdf):