National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework (Australia)

 Report .pdf  24 p.

Priority 1   is given to Disaster Risk Information Management (page 13 of the report, see link below)

  • Identify and address data, information and resource gaps
  • Address technical barriers to data and information sharing and availability
  • Integrate plausible future scenarios into planning
  • Develop cohesive disaster risk information access and communication capabilities to deliver actionable disaster risk data and information
  • Support long-term and solution-driven research, innovation and knowledge practices, and disaster risk education
  • Improve disclosure of disaster risk to all stakeholders



The European Union has an even broader scope of topics which includes  Natural and Technical Disasters as well as all CBRN-E situations, urban security, border security etc. as core.
Nevertheless, here we are still waiting for Digital Strategies in DRR as appropriate to reducing existing information and information flow gaps, dealing with cascading and systemic risks, and supporting stakeholders in the UN “all-of-society” sense.

In case you hear of national Digital Strategies in DRR (plans, discussions, draft documents, roadmaps etc.) then please keep us informed.

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Horst Kremers


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