UN Pact for the Future - "complex global shocks" or "situations of exceptional need"

UN  Pact for the Future
Rev. 1,  20 p., May 14, 2024

Action 49. We will strengthen the international response to complex global shocks.

While the SENDAI Framework added technical disasters (compare with HYOGO Framework) there was always too few attention paid. The notion of “complex global shocks” is a very important consequence of broadening the SENDAI framework scope – as I suggested earlier, compile details for negotiations and wording of the follow-up Framework 2030+

The overall complexity of DRR (not only on behalf of UN) is so rapidly growing that we definitely need to keep pace with our own framing and actions.

I notice first DRR / Management related research of sci/tech institutes that deal with supply chain management issues from “complex global shocks”.

The European Union “Data Act” has first details: see  https://rimma.org/european-union-fair-access-to-and-use-of-data-data-act     there you find a direct link to what they call “situations of exceptional need (par. 63 f.)

Pact for the Future Action 49 par. 60 (d) gives a salvatoric clause with respect to existing other (UN) frameworks and lines of action.

Our own DRR homework on “complex global shocks” or “situations of exceptional need” needs to be raised to adequate attention in the overall DRR community / communities.

best greetings from Berlin

Horst Kremers


Horst Kremers
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