U.S. Census Bureau - Bracing for an Active 2024 Hurricane Season

In preparation for several potential emergency events, we are highlighting U.S. Census Bureau tools that combine demographic and economic data to help prepare, respond and recover from natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

Decision-makers can use these tools to understand the impact of a hurricane on people, workers, businesses and industries in affected regions.

Community Resilience Estimates

By providing an easily understood metric for every neighborhood in the United States, the CRE estimates the capacity of individuals and households to absorb, endure and recover from disasters.

My Community Explorer (MCE) is an interactive map-based tool that combines real-time disaster tracking information like hurricane paths, storms and wildfires with Census Bureau data on affected areas.

OnTheMap for Emergency Management is a web-based tool that integrates real-time natural disaster data and workforce, population and housing data to give users insights on the demographic and economic conditions of disaster-impacted areas. Also, knowing where people live and work can help plan evacuation routes.

The Census Business Builder (CBB) is an interactive mapping tool that provides economic and demographic data for geographies down to census tracts.

Users can get a detailed report on the supply chain information for any FEMA Declared Disaster Area, including top imports, employment and impacted products.