Communication, Strategy and "Doing the Right Thing"

Organizing in the Face of Global Crises

Communication, Strategy and “Doing the Right Thing”

2023 International Communication Association (ICA) Preconference

Call for abstracts

We are open to contributions from a wide variety of perspectives ranging from CCO and strategic communication to critical and globalization studies. Submissions may address a wide range of themes including, but not limited to the following:

  •     Communication related to global crises (e.g. Covid 19, climate change, the war in Ukraine, financial crisis, etc.)
  •     Communicative constitution of strategy
  •     Communication and organizational sustainability   
  •     Rethinking response strategies to crisis
  •     Reconceptualizing crisis communication
  •     Morals and ethics of “doing the right thing”
  •     Authenticity and “doing the right thing”
  •     Global crisis and critical discourse studies
  •     Global crisis, meaning and organizational identity
  •     Global crisis and corporate activism
  •     Far-right or other political appropriation of global crises
  •     Strategic paradoxes of global crises


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