Flood Hazard Atlas of Andhra Pradesh

Flood Hazard Atlas of Andhra Pradesh – A Geospatial Approach

149 p.

Flood hazard zonation is one of the important initiatives towards flood risk reduction. Satellite
remote sensing helps in identifying the flood inundated areas. This observed information over
years further helps in identifying the frequently flood affected areas. In this approach, 21 years
(20002020) of satellite data from Indian and foreign satellites was used in identifying the flood
hazard zones based on frequency of flood inundation. The flood hazard is categorized into
three classes, i.e., very low, low and moderate based on the frequency of inundation. This
atlas can help in understanding the flood problem in various districts of Andhra Pradesh State
and help the decision makers towards sustainable planning and disaster risk reduction.

Keywords : Flood Hazard, Flood Frequency, Satellite Remote Sensing, Geospatial Approach



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