G7 - Anticipatory Action in Humanitarian Assistance

G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Strengthening Anticipatory Action in Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian needs are at a record high. Crises and conflicts, climate change impacts and disasters are increasingly threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people – trends exacerbated by the impacts of COVID19 and Russia’s unjustifiable, unprovoked and illegal war of aggression against Ukraine.

  • we, the G7, commit to making the humanitarian system as anticipatory as possible
  • the growing problem of global food security and nutrition
  • Anticipatory action is defined as acting ahead of predicted hazards
    to prevent or reduce acute humanitarian impacts before they fully
    unfold. This requires pre-agreed plans that identify partners and
    activities, reliable early warning information, and pre-agreed
    financing, released predictably and rapidly when an agreed trigger point is reached
  • designing and developing innovative risk
    analytics, thresholds, triggers, and modelling for anticipation as well
    as investment in coordina&on and infrastructure to allow for data
    and model sharing to multiply knowledge, evidence and experiences
    of anticipatory action.
  • support local communities, civil society and authorities in the
    relevant countries to play a leading role in climate and disaster risk
    analysis and management, data-collection, preparedness and programming.
  • We commit to the inclusion and participation in anticipatory action
    and the empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable communities,
    groups, and individuals in anticipatory action. We recognise that
    gender, age, ability, ethnic and religious identity, displacement status
    and sexual identity overlap with social, cultural, and economic
    barriers to inclusion in anticipatory action
  • we … strive to significantly increase our financial support in anticipatory action

in (10) of the G7 document is a reference to UNDRR   “Scaling up disaster risk reduction in humanitarian action”:
Information Management is central also in Anticipatory Action  https://www.undrr.org/media/49222/download#page=26


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