Sustainability and Resilience in Infrastructure Standard

SuRe® is a global voluntary standard which integrates Sustainability and Resilience aspects into Infrastructure development and upgrade, aims to be the means through which project developers, the public sector and financiers have access to those requirements that should be integrated into Infrastructure projects to ensure that they follow Good International Industry Practice (GIIP) in terms of Sustainability and Resilience in Infrastructure.


– Water (including harvesting, storage, management, distribution, treatment and recycling)
– Energy(including generation, storage and distribution)
– Solid waste management(including collection, distribution, processing, recycling and storage)
– Transport Nodes, networks and fleet(including pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, rail, water-borne and air transportation)
– Communication networks(including telephone, cellular and data)
– Social Infrastructure(including education, healthcare, sports and recreation, law enforcement, fire and emergency services)
– Food systems (including storage, processing and distribution)
– Mining and extractive industries (including mines and processing facilities)

SuRe®  can  be  applied  to  all  development  phases  of Infrastructure projects  including:  planning,  design, commissioning, construction, operation and decommissioning

Including management details on a real large set of RISK Criteria together with a list of resources providing further guidance.

Draft for Public Comment

The general principles of structure and control are driven by thorough management and they are not only applicable to Infrastructure but also in other “implementation” work (e.g. UN programs, declarations, etc.).

Among many others:

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A  process  and  mechanisms  for  dealing  formally  with  complaints  and  grievances  (such  as specifying which department in the company or person is responsible for processing complaints and grievances and what are the steps to be followed to raise, address and resolve a complaint);14582. Complaintsand grievances log including how many were successfully addressed and how many are still pending/in process. Evidence of a documented process for using customer feedback for decision-making related to service delivery improvements