Disaster Risk Information Management in Asia and the Pacific

The Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information Management (APDIM) had a webinar on
Disaster Risk Information Management in Asia and the Pacific: Developing Capacities and Enhancing Collaboration
on 25 January 2021.   
The webinar discussed how countries and organizations in Asia and the Pacific, working with regional and international partners, can leverage collaboration on disaster risk information management, here are the specific topics and speakers:   


Findings of Preliminary Assessment of the Gaps and Needs for Disaster Risk Information and Data Management Platforms in Asia and the Pacific Region
Sahar Safaei, Director and Principal Consultant at Sage on Earth Consulting Ltd.  


Progress on Sand and Dust Storms Risk Assessment in Asia and the Pacific 
Nicholas Middleton, Fellow in Physical Geography, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford  

Amin Shamseddini, Programme Officer, APDIM  


Guideline on Monitoring and Reporting the Impact of Sand and Dust Storms through the Sendai Framework Monitoring  

Auriane Denis Loupot, Independent Consultant