Digital Transformation / European way for the Digital Decade

Digitranscope: The governance of digitally-transformed society
This volume presents the key outcomes and research findings of the Digitranscope research project of the European Commission Joint Research Centre. The project set out to explore during the period 2017-2020 the challenges and opportunities that the digital transformation is posing to the governance of society.

These findings contribute to the new policy orientation in Europe on technological and data sovereignty and the sharing of data for the public interest.

These documents also indicate in a convincing way that the corresponding intricacies of operational implementations are far from easy and that Data Science is not the only source for operational innovation – it needs government, administration, private sector and society to work closely together in the permanent process of governance (from planning / design through implementation and effectiveness control).

Those of our colleagues that work in environmental and geo-information will notice – without much surprise – that some authors of these studies – Massimo Craglia (contact person) and Henk Scholten – had been massively involved in governance and implementation of the EU INSPIRE Directive (establishing an infrastructure for spatial information in Europe to support Community environmental policies, and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment)

Practice innovation in other domains (like in the RISK-Domains) still lag far behind data science experiences and informatics state-of-the-art (but we work on it ).
Especially in public administration we see a general and growing lack of adequately skilled digital professionals!
The European Union (Commission) works hard to get administration, politicians, private sector, R&D and other stakeholders into roundtables and open discourse because the final success is in serving Society.

And in the same context let me mention an important additional, official EU document:
2030 Digital Compass: the European way for the Digital Decade
Communication from The Commission to the European Parliament, The Council, The European Economic and Social Committee and The Committee of the Regions
Brussels, 9.3.2021     COM(2021) 118 final,  27 p.