Standards, Innovation and Research for Security - Conference May 2021

Stair4Security Final Conference

The Stair4Security project is coming to an end, and it will host its final virtual event on the 27th and 28th of May.

The project began in January 2019 and was funded under the Horizon2020 framework. Its primary objective is to deliver a policy maker/practitioner-driven platform, enabling pre-standardisation, more effective networking within experts from policymakers and practitioners as well as research, industry including SMEs, to be realised.  

The project team has worked relentlessly with the DRR / CBRNe community and related Horizon 2020 sister projects to substantiate and validate the STAIR4SECURITY outcomes, which will be presented during the two-day event.


STAIR4SECURITY have been working closely with Philippe Quevauviller and his CERIS initiative to organise the project’s final conference. The presentations will give an overview of the STAIR4SECURITY ecosystem and will include presenters from DG-ECHO, ENCIRCLE, NO-FEAR, INCLUDING, STRATEGY as well as the AQUA3S project and of course Philippe DG-HOME.

If you are a policy maker and/or a practitioner in the field of DRR+CBRNe  this is an excellent opportunity to obtain an overview of this innovative ecosystem designed to support networking with the relevant stakeholders, coordination, validation of your outcomes and standardisation.

The event will be free to attend and registration only. Please note that attendance is limited so please register early to secure your place. The programme is available on the project’s website.