Implementation of the EU Strategy and Action Plan for Customs Risk Management

Brussels, 18.1.2021 COM(2021) 9 final   12 p
Third Progress Report on the implementation of the EU Strategy and Action Plan for customs risk management
Report From The Commission To The Council And The European Parliament

Commission Staff Working Document   Brussels, 18.1.2021 SWD(2021) 2 final     130 p

This is one prominent example of an action line for transborder RISK cooperation.
There are no explicit information structures details enclosed.
Colleagues interested in more technical and organizational details may be interested in following the work of the corresponding IT Technology & Infrastructure Project Group

The overall structure in  SWD(2021) 2 final    shows the way in which other domains of transborder RISKs (beyond Customs domains) need to be structured for a long-term way of realization of a European Common RISK Information Space  ECRIS


The current programs of Digitalization, Innovation and Operational Support in RISK domains certainly would benefit from a joint/participative technical Information Governance process.


Horst Kremers