Science for Disaster Risk Management, European Commission Report 2020

Launch Event March 23, 2021

The “Science for Disaster Risk Management 2020: acting today, protecting tomorrow”, the second of it  series,  has  been  produced with the  collaboration  of  more  than  300  experts  in  disaster  risk management.

“The  participants  come  from  different  disciplines  and sectors  (from  academia,  civil protection groups, international organisations and the private sector, among others) to provide the reader with accurate and updated information on the consequences that disasters have on key assets of society (population, economic sectors, critical infrastructures, environment and cultural heritage) and how these can be managed. Based on these, a set of recommendations are provided to four target groups of society (policymakers, practitioners, scientists, citizens).

The  authors  conclude  that  it  is  necessary  to  reinforce  collaborative  processes  where  stakeholders share their knowledge and co-create action, paying particular attention to the role of citizens and the private  sector.  At  the  same  time,  it  is  key  to  develop  a  frame  to  collect,  store  and  reuse  data  and information  from the  aftermath of a  disaster  to  understand  the  drivers  and  conditions  that  lead  to losses and damages and so plan more effective measures to protect our future.”


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