UK National Audit Office report: Managing flood risk

UK National Audit Office (NAO)

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs


National Audit Office report: Managing flood risk


This report evaluates whether government’s approach to managing the risks of flooding and coastal erosion is achieving value for money in three parts:


    Part one covers whether the current risk management arrangements provide strong and effective oversight, challenge and direction.

    Part two looks at what government has achieved in the period 2015–2021 and the extent to which it has used available funds to reduce flood and coastal erosion risks and measure progress.

    Part three examines government’s preparedness to manage and reduce flood risk when a new expanded investment programme begins in 2021.


The report covers flood risk management in England. It does not cover government’s emergency response to flooding, issues relating to flood insurance, planning regulations or the management of coastal erosion. In addition to this report, we have produced an interactive data visualisation, which presents a range of information on flood risk management in England.


Referring to the new strategy in Parliament, which was published in September 2020.
It sets out the vision for “a nation ready for, and resilient to, flooding and coastal change – today, tomorrow and to the year 2100”


Including a Managing flood risk: a data visualisation  tool