Dataset Quality Assurance Checklist & Statistical Disclosure Control

HDX  –  Humanitarian Data Exchange


Dataset Quality Assurance Checklist

HDX quality assurance(QA) officers should check each new or updated dataset against this checklist to ensure datasets shared on HDX meet the minimum HDX quality standards for datasets.

The checklist is in three parts:

  1. A checklist for dataset resources,
  2. A data responsibility checklist
  3. A metadata quality checklist.


Microdata – Statistical Disclosure Control on HDX


handling microdata
To handle the microdata shared on HDX, we use an open-source software package for Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) called sdcMicro. The tool was developed by Statistics Austria, the Vienna University of Technology, the International Household Survey Network (IHSN), PARIS21 (OECD), and the World Bank.

The SDC process in the sdcMicro is divided into three steps:


  1. Perform a disclosure risk assessment by identifying the key variables.
  1. Apply SDC methods to reduce the risk of disclosing information on individuals.
  1. Re-measure the risk and quantify the information loss.


  1. New Microdata is Added to the Platform
  2. Perform Quality Assurance Checks
  3. Assess Disclosure Risk
  4. Inform Contributor
  5. Applying SDC
  6. Re-Assessing Risk and Quantifying Information Loss
  7. Sharing Data Via HDX Connect




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The HDX proposals for Dataset Quality Assurance and for Statistical Disclosure Control  formal models are important steps and show the large potential for application of such methodology and techniques to be extended into many other domains of RISK Information Management.
Horst Kremers