UNDRR Strategic Framework 2022-2025

The UNDRR Strategic Framework 2022-2025 has just been published!
You can find it online on the UNDRR website under this link:


This Strategic Framework sets out goals and activity focus for the period 2022-2025.

UNDRR will prioritize four elements within the Strategic Framework, as accelerators, or areas of work requiring focused attention to accelerate Sendai Framework implementation and achieve greater impact

You will notice the eminent role of Data/Information/Knowledge that especially can be found in Strategic Objectives, namely Strategic Objective 1:  Countries use Quality Risk Information and Analysis to Reduce Risk and Inform Development Decisions
(see further details for Strategic Objective 1 on page 10 as well as Annex 1 on page 18 of the .pdf document)

But, of course, all the other Objectives, Accelerators and Annexes are essential for the strategic guidance, so I please take the time to read the full document.