Operating a Fleet of Drones with Multiple Synchronized Missions for Disaster Responses

Results of the field studies on the current disaster management operations, including the call centers, information management systems, information flow as well as the advantages and challenges of using drones in various phases of disaster management: Preparation, Assessment & Coordination, Response and Recovery

Project:  ResponDrone

The Field Studies Report presents the results of the following research items:
●A thorough review of state-of-the-art operational concepts and technological solutions currently utilized in emergency management worldwide, as well as lessons learned from previously completed and ongoing national and international research projects, datasets, statistics, current legislation, and scientific literature.
●A complete stakeholder map which includes actors in first response activities as well as their related services and dependencies.
●Targeted interviews and workshops with end users of the proposed system.

The data derived and presented as Key Findings in the report is presented in sections that are related to the following phases of disaster management:
●Assessment & Coordination
●Response and Recovery

160 p.