Disaster Warning | Special Advisory Bulletin

Details of a Disaster Advisory Bulletin

On the occasion of Hurricane Ida (August 2021)

what would your emergency messaging system tell you in case of local/regional/national warnings?
Heavy storm / heavy rain expected  ? ….

The IDA warnings of today (2021-08-28) already include evacuation measures.

“A Storm Surge Warning means there is a danger of life-threatening
inundation, from rising water moving inland from the coastline,
during the next 36 hours in the indicated locations. For a
depiction of areas at risk, please see the National Weather
Service Storm Surge Watch/Warning Graphic, available at
hurricanes.gov.  This is a life-threatening situation.  Persons
located within these areas should take all necessary actions to
protect life and property from rising water and the potential for
other dangerous conditions.  Promptly follow evacuation and other
instructions from local officials.”

Such Advisory Bulletins and their content – together with consequences for decision and action in the following disaster phases – are element of comprehensive Risk Information Management.

Compare to your local/regional/national warning systems, communicate best practice to RIMMA CoE, and make suggestions for improvements.


Horst Kremers, Engineering Management and Information Sciences
Information Systems Strategy Advisor
General Secretary CODATA-Germany
German National Committee for the ISC International Science Council   Committee on Data