The Australian Disaster Resilience Conference    August 2020      –     Keynote, Proceedings, Handbook, Royal Commission Report,

Key issues addressed were:·

  • new partnerships, frameworks and approaches for disaster risk reduction and resilience in both high-level policy and strategy environments and the community-facing arena·

  • inclusive approaches to risk reduction and preparedness that respect, draw on and support

  • communities·lived experience informing community action, spontaneous volunteering and effective recovery·

  • leadership, decision-making and data availability·

  • reducing risk via targeted collaborations at the interface of insurance, business and community needs.

“The third Australian Disaster Resilience Conference was presented as Knowledge Week. Knowledge Week ran from 24 – 27 August 2020, and virtually convened more delegates from the disaster resilience community than ever before. Together we connected, reflected, and sought to navigate the complexity of large scale disasters and a global pandemic that 2020 has presented us with.

We were thrilled to be joined by Alice Hill, former Special Assistant to US President Barack Obama for resilience policy, for a
keynote and conversation on Disasters, climate change and a pandemic: what 2020 has shown us about building a resilient tomorrow.


The conference included the launch of the Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience Handbook    44 p.

The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements released its report on 30 October 2020.