The Atlas of the Human Planet

The 2020 edition of the Atlas of the Human Planet presents use cases of geoinformation in disaster risk management, urbanisation and sustainable development.

Information on the location and the conditions under which people live is vital to design policies to promote the transition to greener economies for the years to come, but also to improve disaster risk management and crisis response now.

The Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) project of the JRC addresses this need, by providing AI-driven decision making in the form of spatially detailed information on population and human settlements.
The 2020 edition of the Atlas of the Human Planet provides 37 examples of applications of GHSL data in various policy domains, from disaster risk management to urbanisation, sustainable development and the green deal.

The examples demonstrate the added value of open and free geoinformation, and provides policy recommendations for these domains.

The Atlas also discusses challenges and limitations of current global datasets.

Source: JRC, European Union Joint Research Center