Overview of Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies Targeting Marginalised Groups

Here is an overview of UN Member States policies and strategies, which ensure that traditionally marginalised groups in disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (women, children and youth, persons with disabilities, poor people, migrants, indigenous peoples and older people) are included.

UN WOMEN Resilience to Disaster Knowledge Hub

  • How is your country doing?
  • How do you claim/support inclusion strategies, roadmaps and operations?

My country is not so very successful in this respect – according to the table
(maybe some data were not delivered – but I am not so sure …  )

There are no details in the table that indicate in which phases of the DRR Cycle such strategies are defined
Even more interesting details should be given on corresponding Roadmaps and (current) operational deficits
(which would be element of comprehensive DRR Governance)

Horst Kremers